Guide to the Top 30 Real Estate Coaching Programs How to Choose the One for You

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Written By Bruno Mircevski

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There have been statistics that 87% of real estate agents do not succeed in the first five years of their careers.

The thing is, creating a real estate business is not easy at all. Once you begin to see some results on the real estate business, trying to maintain the sales momentum will prove to be even harder. Although there is a lot of standard advice that the real estate agent’s “first opportunity should be a proper coach,” most real estate agents at different levels of the game are still somewhat unwilling to spend money on getting a coach to help them.

It is because you are not 100% sure that you will see a proper return on that piece of investment.

Another thing about coaching is that whatever you invest in, you receive back immediately. To generate a proper ROI on the coaching lessons, you have to get the right coach to teach you.

Therefore, we have here a fully-detailed guide to make a comparison on different classic coaching programs that you have learned before about with coaches from The New School. This brings proper insights into the real estate game and special coaching programs that makes sense as they are matched with appropriate objectives for your business.

Here is the toast to your business success!

Table of Contents

  • Is the Whole Coaching Course Worth It? the Numbers You Can Produce
  • The Classic Coaching Programs
  • Programs From The New School
  • New Special Coaching Programs

Is the Whole Coaching Course Worth It? the Numbers You Can Produce

This is for the better, or it can be worse, but a lot of data from coaches are somewhat subjective. Therefore, you need to know what type of personal accounts of what has adequately worked with different agents, and it is not easy to believe that it will work out fine for you as well.

However, we have some hard proof on the topic.

Based on research and studies:

  • More than 9 out of 10 customer agents stated that the business had gone up by 10% during the first year when they asked help from a coach.
  • More than 50% of those that worked with a coach had their business increased over 25%.

When they have questioned what coaches produce that brokerages do not, a lot of popular responses were how accountable they were, how motivated they were, and what the well the consultation was.

Moreover, some people stated coaches aided them “do things that I should know, but I don’t know” and gave them an edge over their competition.

However, there are a few main things that will make you appear better than your game in the massive real estate industry.

However, that type of advice is not free.

There are 6 to 10 respondents that state they spend money from 300 dollars to 750 dollars a month on a personal touch, with a large portion of them putting a monthly cost from 400 dollars to 500 dollars. (These were the fees from 2014)

Thus, if you do the math correctly, that kind of investment can bring in a lot of ROI. As we mentioned before, you also need to apply the coaching lessons learned to make the whole thing worth it. Here we are looking at the best 30 real estate programs to let you compare and make the best choice for you.

The Classic Coaching Programs

1. Mike Ferry Realtor GroupMike Ferry Realtor Group Coaching Programs

CEO of Group: Mike Ferry

Main facts:

  • Mike Ferry is one of the best well-known experts in real estate coaching, giving out sales tactics, and giving out proper training and motivating the agents to outperform.
  • He is also adequately recognized by the Realtors Association as a proper professional in the real estate industry.
  • Ferry also created many different coaching courses from one-on-one coaching, creating multimedia devices, writing books, scripts, reports, and seminars as well.
  • The Mike Ferry Realtor group is one of the oldest and best-known coaching programs, that was launched in 1975.
  • The coach has covered over 2.5 million proper coaching calls.
  • This works out best for agents searching for the best experienced and reputable names in the real estate line.
  • The price for real estate agent coaching is 650 USD each month that has 40 coaching calls in one year.

Feedback from a student: “The first two weeks that I have joined the coaching program, I managed to seal nine deals in escrow, and I made an additional 75000 dollars from August to December and hit a target of 10,000 dollars at the end of the year for my commissions. Getting coaching programs from Mike Ferry made a big difference in my whole life, and after that, my business grew bigger and bigger, and I wanted to see where things would go from there.” – Jhayem, Las Vegas Agent.

To view the coaching site, click here.

2. Buffini & CompanyBuffini & Company Coaching Programs

CEO of Company: Brian Buffini

Main facts:

  • Brian’s real estate firm has managed to train up to three million real estate agents that have created a proper online management team with more than 10,000 subscribers.
  • He then launched “Buffini TV” and used the whole thing as an online training platform. The firm uses full-time coaches as well.
  • There are about 3 million students in over 37 countries that use this coaching program.
  • This coaching program is excellent for real estate agents that want comprehensive business coaching and training course that can create sales leads. Another thing that is great for the real estate agents that want to increase their sphere of influence (SOI) or want to build up a proper SOI and what to take things to the next level.
  • The price of the program is a one to one coaching and different group programs that start at 500 dollars a month for half a year that has two coaching calls each month. Next, there is a fully equipped with a proper marketing kit along with suitable flyers and subscription to their CRM software.

Client feedback: “I started at 300 dollars in my bank and went right into $22.7M of commissions right after that!” – Andrews.

To view the coaching site, click here.

3. Keller Williams Coaching SystemKeller Williams Coaching System Coaching Programs

CEO: Dianna Kokoszka

Main facts:

  • This is a great coaching program that has worked for more than 107,000 real estate agents that are working for the Keller Williams Group.
  • A proper training magazine gave recognition to Keller Williams at the world’s top training firm across different industries in 2015.
  • Dianna is also the best agent in Denver that has managed to sell more than 4000 real estate.
  • She was also awarded the “Best Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Business Woman of The Year.”
  • In 2016, Dianna was also one of Swanepoel’s top 200 leaders in the real estate business.
  • Inman news stated that she was the top 25 best real estate coaches in the business.

By last year, MAPS real estate clients sold three times more dollar volume, two times more units, and made three times more commission compared to those that did not have proper coaching in different coaching firms.

This is great for those that want a popstar coach like Dianna Kokoszka. However, if you want to join the real estate team, there is a lot of different data for beginners and experienced agents via different framework systems.

There are four different programs and different prices: Basic package starts at 450 USD per month.

To assess the coaching site, click here.

4. Floyd Wickman GroupFloyd Wickman Group Coaching Programs

CEO: Floyd Wickman

President of Wickman Group: Pallin

Main Facts:

  • Floyd is one of the top influential people in the real estate sector and has been given proper recognition in the Speakers Association for the Best Speaker.
  • Floyd has given Pallin the leadership of the company.
  • Pallin is a student, soldier, singer, salesperson, trainer, recruiter, and now the leader of the Floyd Wickman Team.

There are different prices of the programs like the Master Selling Skills Program, R Squared Coaching, Master Sales Course, Business Breakthrough Programs and basic packages start at 99 dollars a month.

This course is excellent for personal agents that want training for the oldest and reputable coaching systems. A few of the agents feel that this program is an excellent option if they don’t want to take Keller Williams coaching program.

Client feedback: “How do you become successful in the business and how do you succeed in life – this is what I learn in the Wickman Group. It is an honor to give this community my services as their motto is to get things by giving to others.” – Zehren

To assess the coaching site, click here.

5. Tim & Julie Harris Real Estate CoachingTim & Julie Harris Property Coaching Coaching Programs

CEO: Harris & Harris

Main Facts:

  • Time and Julie Harris are the top agents, and then became coaches in 1998.
  • In 1999, they wrote their first book, “0-10 M in One Year,” that was completely sold out in less than a month.
  • They are the top bestseller authors of books like Harris Rules, and Your No-BS Step to Step Guide To Become Free.
  • They also have a podcast every day and produce designations and different certifications.

This is the best for real estate agents that feel that they want a transparent approach to obtain inspiration to take proper action. Once you have managed to learn their style with the best books and podcasts, then the whole coaching course will give you the push you need to get more commissions and leads.

The pricing starts at 100 dollars for the basic package and then goes up to 1010 dollars for the premium package.

Customer feedback: “The real estate agents on the staff that is using your coaching programs are so satisfied! You mentioned listings that are meant to last, and how real estate agents can generate proper sales leads for a small fee of buying sales leads. However, the coaching is also great for aiding the agents hitting the target. It is a precise technique, and all the coaches have managed to help the team. Thanks for all that was given in the courses. I am grateful for them!” – Robbins, Highgarden Real Estate.

To view the coaching site, click here.

6. Workman Coaching ProgramWorkman Coaching Program Coaching Programs

CEO: Workman

Main Facts:

  • Verl Workman has 20 years of working as a CEO, and a business consultant and giving out coaching programs.
  • He has conducted over 1,000 seminars and webinars.
  • In 2016, Verl earned a designation for his seminars from the Speakers Association.
  • Great for real estate agents that want to focus on family values and balance work and life while carrying out their business.

The pricing is confidential. Parties that are interested in the information can contact them for a free quote.

Customer feedback, “I just wanted to tell you that I have completely started! I have sold more than 1.8M dollars since March! I also enjoyed the coaching session, and I want everything that I have learned start running right away,” Lacatus, Churchill Brown Group

Assess the site here.

7. Yes MastersYes Masters Coaching Programs

CEO: Ward

Main Facts:

  • Ward is the author of the top bestseller, The Book of Yes, and the person that made “THe 100-Day List Biggest Challenge”.
  • Over the past two decades, Ward has been the top agent, and managed to sell 100 real estate in his third year in the real estate business and was voted as the “Top real estate Agent of The Year” at the top Century 21 office in the world.
  • He is also an owner of 3 offices and was once a Keller Williams CEO.

This program is best for real estate agents that want a client-centered program and a transparent approach to produce more money and have a proper life that is well-balanced in each aspect.

The pricing is not available on the site.

Customer feedback: “It is original and feels so real. I knew that if I trained hard with him further, it would turn me into a great agent. Therefore, I signed up on his ListMaster Challenge and the full results are not believable, where I learned a lot of things, and I have become lucky enough to join the Realtor groups, it was an enthralling experience!” – Erin, The Downs Group, Top Team – Keller Williams

To assess the site, click here.

8. Corcoran CoachingCorcoran Coaching Coaching Programs

CEO: Bubba Mills

Main Facts:

  • Mills has taught 110 of the Top 250 Teams in the real estate line that is published on Wall Street Journal and other sites.
  • In 2017, Mills gained recognition for the 4th time by a national magazine as one of the most successful agents in the real estate industry.
  • The realtor is a recognized member and best writer for Forbes.
  • Mills also wants to make sure that each coaching client is protected from getting unemployed by getting different sources of income from different businesses.

It is excellent for top teams that want to expand their influence.

The pricing for one-on-one coaching for each team starts at the basic package of 650 dollars each month.

To assess the site, click here.

9. Robbins International GroupRobbins International Group Coaching Programs

CEO: Robbins

Main Facts:

  • An international sales and business coaching company have accumulated more than 50M dollars in commissions across the globe in the first decade.
  • Robbins has been labeled as an “industry superstar” by a REP magazine.
  • This is great for beginners at all different levels of the ball game and wants to be more inspired and push hard to reach their primary goals.

The pricing is about 799 dollars for a complete coaching program.

Customer feedback: Miller started her job as a real estate assistant, and in just one year, she did business on her own. Miller joined individual coaching from RRI in 2014, and in only 3 years, she has become the top 100 real estate agents. “Another part of coaching is the ideas and the ability to converse through a unique challenge. RRI tutors pull fresh ideas from other RRI coaches so I can pick the coach whichever feels natural and it works for me to continue my work: Kate states, tripling her commissions in 3 years.

To assess the site, click here.

10. Real Estate Champions Real Estate Champions Coaching Programs

CEO: Zeller

Main Facts:

  • Zeller sold 150 real estate each year while working four days a week as a real estate agent.
  • The Coaches Corner has an exclusive weekly newsletter with more than 150,000 followers.
  • His book, First Year In Real Estate, is one of the top read “how-to” books for agents starting, and he has written nine others.
  • He and the team have given coaching of 67 of the Top 250 Members for the Wall Street Journal.

This is great for real estate agents that want to have a lot of commissions in the business so they can become costly. Zeller and his team coach customers are wealthy in different aspects. Zeller owns 61 real estate, and his coaches on the same group have sold more than 237 real estate each year averagely. You can say that he is passionate about earning money.

There is no pricing listed on the site.

Customer feedback: “I have entered two different coaching programs without a major change or great results that I have been searching for. Therefore, I decided to take things to the next level, and I want to do something different. After collaborating with my coach at Real Estate Champions for less than a year, my earnings went from 256,000 dollars to 607,000 dollars. I now have a target to reach 1M dollars this year. The program has completely changed my life overnight,” Julie, Keller William.

To assess the site, click here.

11. Club WealthClub Wealth Coaching Programs

CEO: Hellickson

Main Facts:

  • Hellickson has two decades of direct real estate experience and has an excellent record of listing and has sold more than 100 real estate each month.
  • He also gave coaching to 60 of the top 200 real estate teams in the States.
  • Moreover, he also has been featured on different television and radio programs like CNBC.
  • This works best for real estate agents that want a “mastermind” approach as a part of a private network. Moreover, this works for team leaders that want to earn money from 6 figures to 7 figures, or less than seven figures, when working less.

The pricing for the basic package is 97 dollars, while team packages coast 497 dollars.

Customer feedback: “Club Wealth has completely changed my whole life and the business in many different ways as well. In 10 months, I have transformed from an overworked agent to a successful team manager with six agents and four admin workers. I have now tripled my commissions, and I have more business than I can handle.” Bruton, AVO Realty

To assess this site, click here :

Programs From The New School

1. Ferry – Your Favourite CoachFerry – Your Favourite Coach Coaching Programs

CEO: Ferry

Main Facts:

  • Tom Ferry is the inheritor of Mike Ferry and also has a great name in the coaching world.
  • Tom is not just the CEO of the best coaching firms in the real estate industry; he also sells bestseller books and can influence people and a lot of followers on social media.
  • He also attained more than 2 billion Youtube Views and has more than 100,000 followers on Facebook.
  • He does not use the aggressive approach compared to his father, but he still integrates the simple basic principles with a more modern approach.

This is great for anyone that wants a fresh new course on real estate success principles. It also works well for real estate agents that have already taken up all of Tom’s online content and want a properly structured approach to follow.

The pricing for the course is part-time tutors and the latest technology in selling real estate, starting at 649 dollars each month.

Customer feedback states: “I wanted to send Coach Martin and the whole Tom Ferry group that the course was a great hit and I had an incredible experience. It is a great game, proper energy and it made me a little nervous when I didn’t reach my goals, then I doubled the sales each year that passes, and I am reaching 400K USD this year, the teaching works. Thanks!” – Rob, Sotheby Realty

Assess the site here .

2. Real Estate Coach and BrokerageUP!Real Estate Coach Coaching Programs

BrokerageUP Coaching Programs!CEO: Bernice Ross

Main Facts:

  • Bernice is an author, coach and motivational speaker.
  • She is also a certified trainer with more than 20 years of real estate sales working experience.
  • She has published two books related to real estate that are bestsellers.
  • There are about 1000 articles published in the news and magazines.
  • Inman News stated that Bernice was the top real estate coach in the USA. She is also in the list of the Top 25 Best Real Estate Coaches in 2016 .
  • Moreover, Bernice created BrokerageUP! To let women generate a lot of brokerages that earn a lot, all the coaches are female.

It suits brokers that want to scale up and work in a fast-forward industry and know what works and what don’t in the real estate industry. It is also great for women that want to gain more experience from being a solo agent and create their realtor team.

The pricing starts from 147 USD, and there is a coaching audio CD as well as full packages that reach 3500 USD each month, depending on what is the level of services that you prefer.

Customer feedback,” I kicked myself for not joining your coaching program two years ago when I considered it. However, I joined now, and I am progressing.” – Pam

For the coaching website link, click here .

3. Coaching With LeeCoaching With Lee Coaching Programs

CEO: Davenport

Main Facts:

Her coaching suits agents that feel overwhelmed by different coaching programs or the last coach didn’t help them.

Lee thinks that each agent is unique and can make a profit. Therefore, she will give you help in thinking about your weaknesses and start using your strengths.

There is no pricing on the site.

The coaching website link is here.

4. Julie YoungbloodJulie Youngblood Coaching Programs

CEO: Youngblood

Main Facts:

  • Youngblood was ranked NO.48 in the country for contributing to the Wall Street Journal.
  • She was also nominated “Best Coach” by the Keller Williams Group in 2008.
  • Julie was also given nomination and awards in 2012 and 2014,
  • Julie has a direct approach to coaching.

Her coaching suits agents that are on the go, or younger agents that want to learn the ropes from a person that has become successful.

There is no pricing listed on the website.

Customer feedback: “This is one of the most caring instructors that I have ever had. She wants you to succeed in your career, and she will give you the motivation that you need as well as the courage that you need. She also gives you the strength to move forward. She will keep pushing you up the success ladder.” – Burke

The site for coaching is here.

5. Travis RobertsonTravis Robertson Coaching Programs

CEO: Robertson

Main Facts:

  • Travis Robertson has been named the nation’s top strategist that led to growth acceleration.
  • Robertson has aided many business people to grow, without giving up their time.
  • He and his team have different people under their coaching, and they run 4-5 different firms and only work up to 35 hours in one week.

This program is created for people that want to scale up the business but worried that it might affect your family or personal life. Travis is a great instructor to take into account.

Next, we have different pricing that is not listed in public, but he gives a free 60 min session where you can get more information on the program.

Customer feedback: “This is a program truly tailored to my needs and brought my business up to the next level. The coach has made me accountable and challenged the way I felt and thought, therefore making me achieve more than I thought I was incapable of. Together with the coach, we invented a business plan, set proper goals and put different systems properly in place and hired the workforce needed to achieve the business plan. The result? I doubled my income in one year!” – Prewitt, CEO

The coaching site is here.

6. Jared JamesJared James Coaching Programs

CEO: Jared James

Main Facts:

  • Jared James has a reputation as a ‘Why Guy’ thanks to how to understand why people do what they currently do and how to make them change their thinking and behaviour.
  • Jared began his business when he was eight years old, in collaboration with a bank and loan.
  • When he reached 28 years old of age, he was given recognition in REALTOR Magazine with more than 2M followers as a “Web Choice Award” winner.
  • He has also produced many articles for different magazines and sites. He was also named as one of the best 25 influential people in the real estate industry as of today.

His program is the best for agents that are not scared of a proper mindset that they can get someone that can get down to the point of the thing that holds them back. He grounds down all the mindset work, with the practical part of doing the job, like how to do cold-calling and different Facebook ads.

There is no pricing listed on the site.

Customer feedback: “The best thing about this whole program is that the coach cares for me! Moreover, we have bi-weekly phone calls, and he checks in with me via email or on the phone to give me sound advice, proper accountability, and proper tools or suggestions.” – Riga, Ontario

The coaching website can be found here.

7.  Liz Bentley AssociatesLiz Bentley Associates Coaching Programs

CEO: Bentley

Main Facts:

  • Liz is an international keynote speaker and a proper coach to the best leaders and teams all across each different industry.
  • Her attitude: you can’t change the person, but you can give them help into evolving into a better version of who they are.
  • Liz gives conferences and top companies top keynotes all across the world, including IBM and Sotheby.

This program suits people that want to work with a mentor that is an influencer and helps you to think out of the box, in a more significant aspect.

She also has a team that are all women, so that they know what it helps them to understand how it feels to be a female working in the professional real estate business.

There is no pricing available for courses listed on the site.

Customer feedback: “Liz Bentley has a strong ability to size up any real estate landscape – while having all the dynamics in place and giving advice that you can work on immediately. As a proper coach, Liz wants your trust and a clear road to success, and her methods that deliver the best results have been fast and have strong effects. Liz has signed up for a ranking of real bad-ass business leaders which I admire on a personal aspect and want to rely on a professional manner.” – Promaulayko, Cosmopolitan

The coaching site is listed here.

8.  Your Coaching MattersYour Coaching Matters Coaching Programs

CEO: Stott & Stott

Main Facts:

  • Mike is an experienced coach with over 35 years of expertise in this field.
  • Real Estate has always been Stott family’s passion.
  • Donna coaches have more than 30 agents all over the USA.
  • They have expertise in giving agents and teams the coaching they need.

This is great for agents and other team leaders that need a strong real estate team that can keep them excited all the time.

The price of the coaching program starts from 28 dollars for one year or 197 dollars per month. As for personal coaching, it costs about 347 dollars per month up to 997 dollars per month.

Customer review: “We feel truly blessed to work for a person that cares so much as you do. You are passionate about people, and it shows by how you act! Thank you for the things that you have helped us achieve all year, the boot camps work well too!!!” – Spain, KW Team

You can assess the coaching site here.

9. Real-Life Real Estate TrainingReal-Life Property Training Coaching Programs

CEO: Crocker

Main Facts:

  • Candy has reached 17 years in the real estate business.
  • In 2016, Inman News stated that Candy is one of the Top 25 Real Estate Coaches in the USA.
  • Candy herself does all the training.
  • Candy is a working Realtor and has licenses in Associate Brokerage in the USA and a license as a salesperson in Maryland.

This program suits any new or well-experienced real estate agent that wants flexibility and personalized coaching tactics delivered by experts that know the business.

The pricing is not listed on the site.

Customer reviews: “This program has been a great investment when I wanted to progress my career as a realtor. It has a lot of great resources with a lot of tools and data that let me develop into a better agent. The sales volume has increased after I invested in this coaching program.” – Lawrence, Realtor.

10. GSD ModeGSD Mode Coaching Programs

CEO: Smith

Main Facts:

  • Joshua Smith is a real estate agent in Arizona and top entrepreneur from Serial. He is the host of a popular podcast of the “GSD Mode”.
  • He was voted as the Top 30 Real Estate Agent in the USA in the Wall Street Journal.
  • He achieved the NAR’s Top 30 Finalists under the age of 30.
  • Josh attempts to sell at least one real estate each day.
  • He is the top real estate agent across the globe.
  • He gives coaching to more than 1000 real estate agents all year across the USA and Canada.

It is great for new agents that are dead-set on doing their business to the next level.

There is no price listed on the official site.

To learn more about the official site, click here.

11. The Real Estate CoachThe Real Estate Coach Coaching Programs

CEO: Brian Icenhower

Main facts:

  • Brian Icenhower is a lawyer, a real estate broker, a real estate expert witness, and one of the top known names in the real estate industry.
  • He was once the CEO of the Keller Williams Realty Group.
  • His team was also known as one of the top 15 real estate firms in the whole nation with four times more sales volume.

It suits agents or different team leaders that want one-to-one advice from another expert broker.

There is no pricing listed on the official site.

The official coaching site can be found here.

New Special Coaching Programs

1. Mavericks Real EstateMavericks Property Coaching Programs

CEO: Hague

Main Facts:

  • Hague is one of the top recommended coaches on LinkedIn.
  • He is an expert in teaching tactics that can sell real estate at a high price.
  • His unique coaching technique produces a proper franchise that you can do business with a special package with appropriate advertising materials.

It is excellent for personal agents that want a sound system for producing seller leads.

There is no pricing listed on the site.

Customer reviews: “Hague is the king of real estate.” – Muhammad Ali

2. Craig ProctorCraig Proctor Coaching Programs

CEO: Proctor

Main Facts:

  • The main thing about Proctor’s tactic is what he calls “Reverse Prospecting”. This whole thing draws you in, rather than heading out and finding the leads for yourself.
  • The whole program has a significant emphasis on ads, in paper and print.
  • Craig teaches different social media marketing, as well as producing proper lead gens on a particular site that is available to members.

This package suits real estate agents that want to believe in responding to marketing appropriately and make sure that it makes profits when in the business. (You also have to make sure you have the proper budget on investing in marketing as well)

The total price for the package is 997 dollars for 12 months or 8000 dollars for a whole year. In the program, you are entitled to 21 coaching calls with Proctor, with an extra training call per week, and advertisement training calls every week.

Customer review: “Under Craig’s coaching, I started from 70K dollar GCI to 1M GCI in 3 months. I am not very wealthy in Asia, but now I am a productive agent thanks to Craig’s unique system – Lahey, RE/MAX company.

This coaching site can be found here.

3. Rob Vivian Real Estate CoachingRob Vivian Property Coaching Coaching Programs

CEO: Vivian

Main Facts:

  • Canadian-based
  • It can suit different types of businesses.
  • Vivian has unique material personalized for real estate owners.

It is great for agents that want to have a whole set of business tools that can be given to any business or real estate. The entire program includes phone calls, coaching calls and other scripts.

The price for the package starts at 99 dollars a month, and after that, 1-to-1 coaching starts at 4388 dollars each month.

The coaching site can be found here.

4. Performance CoachingPerformance Coaching Coaching Programs

CEO: Shull

Main Facts:

  • Shull has played four years as a footballer in Dolphins.
  • He also works on Wall Street.
  • He also became a coach in 1993.

This works excellent for real estate agents that were once athletes and people that you want a no-BS approach to. Steve isn’t going to be your cheerleader, but he will help you to attain your objectives.

The price of the packages is 1500 dollars each month or 14000 dollars per year if you pay in advance for one-to-one private coaching.

The coaching site can be found here.

5. Goodfellow CoachingGoodfellow Coaching Coaching Programs

CEO: Goodfellow

Main Facts:

  • Ken Goodfellow is one of the best real estate coaches in the USA.
  • He created his real estate firm, with over 200 over agents after he managed to sell the business successfully.
  • He also aided many different brokers and teams by merging business and acquiring the right business deals while obtaining profits.
  • Ken has written for many different publications like Inman News and the New York Times.

His coaching programs should suit brokers and different team leaders that already succeeded in real estate business that might want to sell the business one day.

The full pricing is a robust coaching program that is made by referral or invitation.

Customer review: “We do not have bad reviews on Goodfellow Coaching! Working hard with the team helped us step up the game. The whole team has managed to double the whole business as we began working with Goodfellow, and now we can balance our life and work along with more team morale and higher profits.” – Goodhart

The official site is here.

6. House Flipping HQHouse Flipping HQ Coaching Programs

CEO: Williams

Main Facts:

  • Justin has sold more than 500 real estate.
  • This is great for beginners that want to break into the real estate business.

Pricing: These prices are based on different packages. The packages ranged from online training tools and specialized resources to one-on-one coaching requests.

The whole official coaching site is here.

7. Fortune BuildersFortune Builders Coaching Programs

CEO: Merrill

Main Facts:

  • Merrill started his business in 2004.
  • His career packages cover real estate investment education and specialized tools to begin a real estate business.
  • A proper program called Mastery Coaching is a one-on-one tailored coaching program to begin in making sales leads in the real estate sector.

This program has different reviews. People that find it great are those that can give in 110% in following the whole program. Therefore, it is a proper fit for anyone that just started selling real estate and wants an appropriate system to track.

There is no pricing listed on the official website.

The coaching website is listed here.

Customer reviews: “Since we joined the Fortune Builders, we have managed to redevelop 14 pieces of real estate. Some of them were not easy to rebuild. I was in the top three most profitable commissions of the agents that worked hard in Fortune Builders in the nation.” – Willard- Ruffin

8. Invest Four MoreInvest Four More Coaching Programs

CEO: Ferguson

Main Facts:

  • Ferguson is a certified real estate agent since 2001 (His parent was also a real estate agent)
  • He owns the Blue Steel Real Estate Group.
  • He fixes 20-30 real estate each year.
  • He also owns 20 rentals from different homes.
  • He also wrote best seller real estate books on Amazon.

The whole thing is excellent for someone to become active in investing in the real estate business.

The whole pricing starts for 5 dollars for the books on Amazon and goes up to 2000 dollars for direct coaching groups connected to Ferguson (Sometimes the deal is on, and there are a lot of sweet discounts)

The coaching site is here.

9. Using ReferralsUsing Referrals Coaching Programs

CEO: Stumpf

Main Facts:

  • Stumpf teaches a simple referral system to real estate brokers.
  • This program was created in 1988.
  • This is the most prominent firm in the USA that only big people in the real estate business can produce such a proper technique.

It is great for agents that want to set a proper referral lead gen moving or people that want to spend money on other lead gen.

The price is not listed on the website. However, Joe coaches different live events and conducts webinars and gives private coaching one on one.

Customer feedback, “I did what the program taught me, and I didn’t get two referrals in one week. I got seven! Two of them became my customers, and I received 15K dollars for commissions so far.” Olson, Arizona

A proper coach will give you the right strategy to implement on your real estate business to achieve new heights. However, it might be challenging to go from point A to B if your whole real estate system is in a complete mess.

When you can begin your team, Follow Up Boss can help you. Make sure that you keep checking for updates on the website, and you will get a proper CRM that can generate your sales leads.