How To Use Ringless Voicemails to Generate Real Estate Leads

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Now… let’s dive into how you can use ringless voicemails to generate real estate leads.

Ringless voicemails are voicemails left to a prospect’s voicemail box without calling the prospect and having their phone ring.

They’re very effective at engaging prospects and getting their attention.

Ringless voicemails can be delivered automatically to thousands of prospects at the sametime, making them a highly scalable method of lead generation.

Benefits of using ringless voicemails

There are some serious benefits to using ringless voicemails in the real estate industry:

Ringless voicemails are non-disruptive

Reaching your prospects via voicemail enables them to listen and respond to your messages when it’s most convenient for them.

It doesn’t interrupt prospects in their day-to-day activities, which ensures that you won’t annoy them and have them develop a negative attitude towards you and your offer.

Contacting prospects through ringless voicemail shows that you value their time and want to make the entire process as easy and as convenient as possible for them.

ringless voicemails

Ringless voicemails have a very high open rate

Most phone calls never reach a live person.

ringless voicemails


Ringless voicemail, on the other hand, boasts the highest open rates among outbound marketing methods, with as much as 96% of delivered voicemails being opened and listened to by prospects.

ringless voicemails


Ringless voicemails are cost-effective

Ringless voicemail solution providers charge between 3 to 5 cents per message, makingringless voicemails a very affordable lead generation method.

Ringless voicemails are highly scalable

Outbound marketing relies on reaching out to a large number of prospects to ultimatelyconvert a small percentage of people. In other words, it’s a numbers game.

Ringless voicemail solutions allow you to reach thousands of prospects through marketing automation, which ensures that you’ll be able to scale your lead generation effortlessly.

Ringless voicemails save time

Manually calling prospects and leaving voicemail is very time-consuming.

Ringless voicemails allow you to save time by recording a voicemail message once andthen sending it out to thousands of prospects. This will save you so much time compared to calling up prospects one by one.

Additionally, since you’ll only spend your time talking with people who respond to yourvoicemail (indicating that they’re interested), you won’t have to waste time talking to people who have no interest in what you have to offer.

Ringless voicemails enable you to deliver a high-quality message every time

Calling up prospects gets exhausting after a while.

It’s impossible to speak to each prospect with the same level of enthusiasm andprofessionalism, especially if you’ve already made dozens of calls that day.

Ringless voicemail allows you to deliver the same high-quality message to all recipients by saving you from having to call people one by one and deliver the same message over and over again.

How to get started with ringless voicemails

It’s fairly simple to get started using ringless voicemails to generate leads for your real estate business.

Here’s what you need to do:

Set a goal

You’ll want to set a goal for your ringless voicemail campaign to be able to evaluate your results. Your main goal will depend on your campaign. However, at the very least, you’ll want to track the number of people who reply to your voicemail by calling you back.

Record the message

The next step is to craft and record your voicemail message.

Your message should be personalized and highly targeted. It should also sound like it was directed to a specific individual, rather than to a large number of different prospects.

It should include your name, contact information, and the reason why you’re calling.

You should also let prospects know what they can gain by calling you back. Presenting the value that you can provide is crucial for getting a callback.

When you call prospects, you only have one chance to make a good impression.

Ringless voicemails, on the other hand, allow you to practice and refine your message as many times as you want until you get it just right.

Make sure to organize your thoughts and write your entire message down on paperbefore recording it. This will stop you from forgetting anything or sounding insecure while you’re delivering the message.

Alternatively, you can hire voice talent to record the message for you. Hiring a professionalwill ensure that your message will sound as good as possible.

Create a sending schedule

While ringless voicemails can be delivered at any time of the day, you should try to find a time when most of your recipients are likely to respond.

Measure, analyze, and optimize

After launching your voicemail campaign, you should keep a close eye on the results you get, and then analyze them and make any adjustments that might be necessary for improving your campaign.

Make meticulous records of your campaign’s metrics, including the number of voicemails sent and the number of callbacks received. You’ll also want to track the following metrics:

  • Quality of response – Make sure to note the percentage of prospects thatultimately performed your desired action and then compare it to results you getfrom other channels such as email or phone calls.
  • Complaint rate – Remember to keep track of the number of people whocomplain about your messages. This number will come in very handy when you’reoptimizing your message and send times, as well as when you’re evaluating howvoicemail works as a marketing channel for your particular business.
  • ROI – Tracking the return on investment you generate from your campaign is crucialfor determining the cost-effectiveness of voicemail marketing.

Use the data you gather to help you refine your message and sending schedule until you improve the number of callbacks you get from your campaign.

Best practices for ringless voicemails.

We’ve shown you how you can start your own ringless voicemail campaign. Now we’regoing to go through some best practices you should keep in mind to ensure best results.

Keep your message short

The longer your voicemail message is, the lesser the chance that prospects will listen to it in its entirety.

In general, you should try to say everything you need within 30 seconds or less since for every second you prolong your message, you lower your chance of getting a response by 2%.

Remember, you’re only looking to get a response, so don’t try to deliver a full-blown sales pitch in your voicemail message.

Always follow up

Prospects might be interested in what you have to offer, and then forget to call you back.

They could also just be busy.

Make sure always to send one or two follow up messages to increase the chances of getting a callback.

Follow up with an email

You should have a follow-up strategy in place that incorporates multiple touch points.

We suggest following up with prospects via email if you don’t get a call back after delivering your voicemail message.

ringless voicemails


Make sure to tell prospects that you’ve tried reaching them via voicemail but were unsuccessful, as well as let them know why you’re trying to contact them.

Don’t talk like a salesperson

The reason why most voicemail campaigns fail is because the sender sounds like they’re simply delivering a sales pitch.

When delivering your voicemail message, you want to sound like a friendly neighbor that wants to help prospects.

Don’t make your message sound too polished or professional, and avoid using real estate jargon and cliche expressions.

Talk like you normally would instead.

You can’t make a sale using voicemail outreach, so don’t waste your time trying.

Instead, focus on getting prospects’ attention so that they’ll call you back.

Try using a female voice

What do Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana have in common?

They all use a female voice to address users.

Research shows that both men and women respond more favorably to female voices than tomale voices.

As much as 46% of people state that they consider a woman’s voice to be more soothing compared to a man’s voice, with only 8% of people stating that they prefer a man’s voice.

Studies have also proven that women’s voice pitch makes them sound more trustworthy.

Featuring a female voice in your voicemail drop will help to make your message sound comforting and reassuring.

This is especially true if you’re reaching out to female prospects who might be suspicious about getting voicemail from an unknown man.

Ringless voicemail scriptsIn this last section, we’ve listed our favorite real estate voicemail scripts.

Feel free to use these to help you start your next campaign.

Remember that these scripts are just starting points. You should adapt them to your specific audience and situation, as well as your speaking style and personality.

Target Location Voicemail Script

Hey, this is kind of random, but my name is [Your Name], I’m a home investor and have kind of been driving around the area looking to buy a house for cash.

I thought I’d give you a call to see if you’d be interested in selling your home to me as-is.

I specialize in hard-to-sell homes, whether it’s a fixer-upper, has bad tenants, bad taxes, fire damage, or even mold.

If you’re interested in discussing selling your home to me for a fair cash price, just give me a callback.

Again, my name is [Your Name], and my phone number is [Your Phone Number]

Properties in Probate Voicemail Script

Hi there, my name is [Your Name], and I’m a real estate investor looking to buy a single-family home for cash.

I mainly specialize in properties that are harder to sell, either because the property is outdated or has lots of repairs, has fire or water damage, tax issues, or is just the product of a tough situation like a divorce or an inheritance.

I wanted to check if you might be interested in receiving a cash offer for your property.

I’m just looking for an opportunity to discuss what I might be able to offer for your property as-is.

If you have a few minutes to discuss, just give me a call back at [Your Phone Number], again my name is [Your Name], and I’d love to talk possibilities with you.

Owner Not-Occupied Voicemail Script

Hello, my name is [Your Name], and I’m a real estate investor in the area.

I’m looking for a multi-family home to buy for cash, and I wonder if you’d be interested in receiving a fair cash offer for your property in [Property Location].

I buy properties and pay all the associated closing costs, just making it as hassle-free for you as possible.

If you’re available to have a quick chat, just give me a callback, my number is [Your Phone Number].

Thanks so much and have a great day!

Property Inquiry Voicemail Script

Hello, this is [Your Name] from [Company Name]. 

I just received your property inquiry.

I am going to have my assistant [Assistant’s Name] connect with you to get a few questions answered within the next few minutes.

Oh, here is the phone number to text or call [Assistant’s Name] 24/7: [Assistant’s Phone Number].

[Assistant’s Name] will make sure your questions get answered, and that you get connected with me as fast as possible.

Speak soon, thanks.

Property Inquiry Voicemail Script (Buyer)

Hello, it’s [Your Name], from [Company Name]. I just received your property buying request.

I’m excited to help you buy the right property. I am sure you have some questions and I would love to answer them ASAP.

That’s why I will have [Assistant’s Name] connect with you in a few minutes to make sure you get your questions answered.

You can text or call this phone number [Assistant’s Phone Number] 24/7 and [Assistant’s Name] will respond to you instantly.

Can’t wait to speak with you soon.

Follow-up Voicemail Script (Buyer)

Hello, It’s [Your Name], from [Company Name]. 

You contacted me the other day about buying a property I have listed.

I wanted to confirm that you received the information you needed?

Let me know if you have any questions.

You can also connect with my assistant [Assistant’s Name] 24/7 at [Assistant’s Phone Number] to get your questions answered.

Can’t wait to speak with you soon.

Former Client Anniversary Voicemail Script

Hi, [Your Name] here from [Company Name]. It’s been 12 months since your property settled and I’m touching base to see how everything is going.

At your convenience, I’m happy to discuss any purchasing or selling needs you may have. Let me know. Thanks.

Former Client Birthday Voicemail Script

Hi, [Your Name] here from [Company Name]. I noticed in our CRM that it is your birthday today and I was ringing to wish you all the best.

Feel free to call me back at any time if you need to discuss anything around the property market.


Former Buyer Database Update Voicemail Script

Hi, [Your Name] here from [Company Name].

We’re currently updating our database, and I was calling to check whether you’re still in the market for a property.

So if you have any specific property requirements or needs in relation to property appraisals, I’d be happy to help you. Thanks.

Landlord Follow-Up Voicemail Script

Hi, [Your Name] here from [Company Name].

I just wanted to touch base to check if you’re happy in relation to how we’re managing your investment property.

If you have any feedback or would like to discuss anything, then I’m available for a call at your convenience. Thanks.

Property Inspection Voicemail Script

Hi, [Your Name] here from [Company Name].

I’m just following up in relation to [Property Address] you looked at today.

I wanted to thank you for attending the inspection. I’m available to answer any questions you may have around the property. Thanks.

Property Auction Voicemail Script

Hi, [Your Name] here from [Company Name].

I just wanted to let you know that the auction for [Property Address] is next [Date of the Auction].

If you require any information around the property or have any questions in relation to the auction process, then don’t hesitate to call me. We look forward to seeing you at the auction. Thanks.

Lead Magnet Download Voicemail Script

Hello [Prospect’s Name]. This is [Your Name] from [Company Name]

I’m calling because you downloaded my guide on [Name of Your Ebook], and I have some new information I haven’t had a chance to add to the ebook but would like to share.

It’s about what I’ve learned from clients who’ve been caught up in bidding wars and how they came out on top.

If you’d like to learn more about making the best offer to win the house of your dreams, my number is [Your Number].

I’ll follow up with an email as well.

I look forward to hearing what you think about the ebook.

Again, my number is [Your Number]. Have a great day!

FSBO Lead Voicemail Script

Hi, I’m calling about the home you have for sale.

One of my clients mentioned your home the other day and how it was being sold privately.

Would you be willing to pay a buyer commission if my client wants to buy your home?

If so, please call me at [Your Number] and let me know.

My name is [Your Name], and I’m from [Company Name]. Again, my number is [Your Phone Number].

I look forward to hearing what you think about a potential sale. Thank you.

FSBO Lead Voicemail Script #2

Hi, this is [Your Name] from [Company Name].

When I was out running around the other day, I noticed that your house was for sale by owner.

Before you delete this, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve sold homes very similar to yours, in the same area, and above list price.

You might have received a few “Just Sold in Your Neighborhood” postcards from me. Because I have met with many buyers looking for this type of home, I think I could help you meet your goal of selling your property.

I’m available to answer any questions about finding the right buyer, and I’m happy to provide a free consultation.

Please give me a call on my cell phone at [Your Phone Number].

Take care and enjoy the rest of the day.

Use ringless voicemails to generate real estate leads

Ringless voicemails are a type of lead generation method which involves leaving anautomatic message to a prospects’ voicemail box without actually calling the prospect. 

They’re a very effective way to get your prospects’ attention.

Ringless voicemails are non-disruptive and boast a very high open rate.

You can send ringless voicemail messages to thousands of prospects at the same time, which makes ringless voicemail a highly scalable lead generation method that allows you to reach a large number of prospects while saving you from having to spend a lot of time manually contacting potential clients.

Apart from saving time, ringless voicemail also enables you to deliver the same high-quality message to all your recipients.

Ringless voicemail is a very cost-effective lead generation solution, with most voicemail providers charging between 3 to 8 cents per message.

To get started with ringless voicemail, you’ll need to set a goal for your voicemail campaign and decide what metrics you’re going to track. The next step involves recording your voicemail message. You can do this yourself or hire voice talent to record a message for you.

Try to keep your message under 30 seconds. Avoid using real estate jargon and sounding like a salesperson.

Experiment with using a male and a female voice in your messages and see which version provides better results.

You can also take advantage of a number of voicemail scripts available in this guide.

Remember to follow up with prospects via another voicemail or through email.

After crafting your voicemail message, decide on a sending schedule that will provide you with the biggest chance of prospects listening to your messages and responding to them.

Once you’ve launched your campaign, keep tracking the results you get and use that information to make adjustments to your overall strategy.

Metrics you’ll want to keep an eye on include total number of voicemails sent, total number of callbacks, quality of response, complaint rate, and ROI.


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