13 Amazing Realtor Bio Examples You Can Use to Better Your Bio

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Written By Adam Warner

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and as a real estate agent, the first chance you get to make that impression will usually come from your realtor bio. And with 51% of home buyers now using the internet to find their homes, having a well-crafted online realtor bio is more important than ever.

A poorly written real estate agent bio is one of the quickest ways to scare off prospective clients. Even if you have excellent qualifications and loads of experience, if you don’t effectively demonstrate it when writing your bio, it won’t matter. People want to feel comfortable with the agent they decide to use, so your bio needs to help ease whatever concerns they may have about hiring you.

One of the best ways to write a better real estate bio is to utilize some of the same tactics used by other successful realtors.

To give you a hand, we combed through dozens of realtor bios that were written by rockstar agents. We found the commonalities among them to provide you this list of the winning components of real estate bios — all taken directly from 13 top realtors.

Components of a Successful Realtor Bio Taken From Top Agents

Not all realtors are created equal, and neither are all realtor bios. However, the best real estate bios are written by the best real estate agents. Below, we gathered some excellent realtor bio examples and pinpointed some of their winnings strategies

We’ll highlight the components of these bios that you should consider using and let you know why these strategies are so successful.

Realtor Bio Component #1: A Professional Photo

Elizabeth Putman Realtor Bio
Here you can see Elizabeth Putman chose a great, professional-looking photo

A Photo is an important component of any realtor bio. However, you need to keep in mind that any old picture won’t suffice. You want to choose a photo that puts you in a good light. This means a headshot similar to Elizabeth Putnam’s , where you look friendly, intelligent, and professional.

Fortunately, with online tools, picking the best photo doesn’t have to require any guesswork. With services like Photofeeler , you can upload your photos and receive unbiased feedback from other professionals. Your photo will be rated based on things like trustworthiness, confidence, and intelligence.

Realtor Bio Component #2: Your Personal Values

Rene Rodriguez Realtor Bio
Rene Rodriguez begins his realtor bio by stating his values

Demonstrating the personal values you hold dear is also a good idea when crafting your realtor bio. This way, your potential clients will know what’s important to you and have an insight into your work ethic.

In Rene Rodriguez’s above example, the successful realtor starts his bio by laying out the values he holds dear. He continues by explaining how these values manifest themselves to help create a great experience for his clients.

Realtor Bio Component #3: Keep it Brief

Brendan Bartic Realtor Bio
Brendan Bartic gives a short, but effective, realtor bio

As a writer, I know that readers prefer a short block of high-quality text over a large block of fluff-filled content. People simply don’t want to spend the time it takes to read through a bunch of unnecessary information to find the relevant bits. This strategy is equally effective in your real estate bio.

Look at Brendan Bartic’s example above. The successful realtor cuts straight to the point by highlighting his work experience and letting you know about his impressive ranking in the industry. With less than ten sentences, Bartic is able to convey exactly why you should consider using him.

Realtor Bio Component #4: A Personal Element

Danielle Lazier Realtor Bio
Danielle Lazier does a great job making her bio a little personal

You want to make it sound like your bio is being written by a real person. Someone who’s friendly and who has a life beyond their 9 to 5 job. This is exactly the strategy that Danielle Lazier uses in her realtor bio.

On top of mentioning her professional background and education, the agent also gives you some personal facts that help her sound like a regular person. This includes her hobbies and her astrological sign. While you don’t need to copy these things exactly, adding a personal element can help you appear more relatable.

Realtor Bio Component #5: How Long You’ve Been a Realtor

Paul Burrowes Realtor Bio
Immediately, Paul Burrowes tells us how long he’s been in the real estate business

People want some assurances that you’ll know what you’re doing and have the experience to handle their job. One effective way to demonstrate this is to mention how long you’ve worked in real estate.

In Paul Burrowes’s realtor bio, he begins by letting readers know how long he’s been in the real estate game. Immediately, readers know that this is an expert in his industry who has been working in real estate for 14 years. Following up with some relevant work experience and education are also good methods of demonstrating your expertise.

Realtor Bio Component #6: Personal Skills and Accomplishments

Eve Fisher Realtor Bio
Eve Fisher lets her clients know about some impressive personal accomplishments

While it’s important to mention any work-related skills and accomplishments, you shouldn’t necessarily ignore those from your personal life. If you have any personal accomplishments that you’re proud of, let your potential clients know about them.

This is exactly what Eve Fisher does in her real estate agent biography. The agent lets readers know about her language speaking skills and her work with a nonprofit. While these things may not be directly related to her trade, they demonstrate that she’s a committed person with the ability to pursue the things she finds important

Realtor Bio Component #7: Knowledge of the Community

Leslie Woods Realtor Bio
Even though she’s not a local, Leslie Woods knows Menlo Park

Clients want someone who knows their local market and understands the needs of their community. For this reason, you should highlight your knowledge of the area and mention your community connections.

This is exactly the strategy Leslie Woods takes in her well crafted real estate bio. In it, Woods lets readers know about her time in the community, about the benefits of living there, and her local involvement.

Realtor Bio Component #8: Past Work Experience

Dennis Argyrakis Realtor Bio
Dennis Argyrakis tells us about the relevance of his past job as a firefighter

Everyone has a past and you may not have always been a real estate agent. However, if you’ve had past careers that you’re proud of, you should let your readers know about them and how the experience makes you a better real estate agent.

In Dennis Argyrakis’s real estate agent bio, he lets us know about his impressive 20-year career as a firefighter and paramedic. While a real estate agent and a emergency service worker seem like two completely unrelated professions, Argyrakis reassures us that those 20 years taught him valuable skills that he can now use as a realtor.

Realtor Bio Component #9: Impressive Clients and Professional Achievements

Aaron Kirkman Realtor Bio
Aaron Kirkman knows luxury real estate better than most and his bio does a great job of letting us know that

Aaron Kirkman knows luxury real estate better than most and his bio does a great job of letting us know that

If you’ve been a real estate agent who has built up an impressive resume, make sure to give readers some of the highlights. Any awards, accolades, and impressive clients you may have had should find a spot in your real estate agent biography.

Look at Aaron Kirkman’s bio as an example. In it, the luxury real estate market expert lists some of his impressive credentials, including repeatedly being named the top agent in all of Los Angeles. He also lets readers know that he has represented a lot of high-end clientele, including celebrities, and even royalty!

Realtor Bio Component #10: Highlight Important Info With Bullet Points

Julie Kaczor Realtor Bio
Julie Kaczor highlights her skills with a few quick bullet points

A bullet point list is a great way to call attention to the things that you think are most important for demonstrating your worth to potential clients. This helps readers to quickly locate the facts that you want them to know. The items you put in your bullet point list are more likely to be read, so use this space for your most important and impressive qualifications.

In Julie Kaczor’s realtor bio, she gives us some basic information about her, such as her job title and the number of years she has spent working in real estate. She also uses the space to brag a bit, telling us about her impressive sales numbers and her local realtor ranking.

Realtor Bio Component #11: Talk in Third Person

Tu Dang Realtor Bio
Tu Dang uses the third person like a pro in his realtor bio

Speaking in the third person is common practice when writing a real estate bio. Writing in the third person helps your bio to sound more like a statement of facts and less like someone boasting about their qualifications.

This is what Tu Dang does in his real estate agent bio, where he talks about his education and some personal attributes without ever using the words “I” or “me.”

Realtor Bio Component #12: Personal Quotes

Another trick used by many successful real estate agents is to add personal quotes into their realtor bio. While you should try to stick to speaking in the third person throughout most of the text, a few well-placed quotes can really help add a personal touch.

Anthony West uses this technique with two great quotes that help to demonstrate his knowledge of the real estate industry and his commitment to clients. Just make sure that your quotes sound professional and don’t come off as bragging.

Realtor Bio Component #13: Include Customer Testimonials

Cyndie Gawain Realtor Bio
Cindy Gawain makes excellent use of customer testimonials in her realtor bio

Cindy Gawain makes excellent use of customer testimonials in her realtor bio

Just like with any other product or service, people like seeing what past clients thought before they commit to it. Customer reviews are one of the big reasons that platforms like Amazon and eBay are so widely used. Being able to read about past client experiences helps to set expectations and gives customers a reasonable amount of certainty that they’re not wasting their money. This same strategy can be used in your realtor bio.

Above, Cyndie Gawain uses client testimonials to showcase her expertise in the field by letting readers see what past clients thought of her work. By using her client’s words rather than her own, she lends a bit more credibility to her claims of being a great realtor.

Which of These Components Should You Include in Your Realtor Bio?

While any of the components listed above could help you generate leads and would make an excellent addition to your realtor bio, they’re not all 100% essential. In fact, including every element from this list would likely cause you to break the “keep it brief” suggestion.

So when you’re choosing which components to use and which aren’t necessary, first, list the things that you believe are important for potential clients to know about you. Do you have an impressive client list? If so, mention it. Did you receive an MBA from a respected university? If you have, let your clients know about it.

However, there are some components that should be included in every real estate bio, such as a professional photo, relevant work experience, and local knowledge. Other than these key elements, just make sure and have fun with it.

You want to appear like someone that clients would want to work with. If you manage to do that while including at least some of the above components, you will end up with a better realtor bio that customers will respond to.