25 Lead Generation Ideas for Real Estate that Actually Work

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DealBloom aims to share the latest tips and strategies to help realtors, brokers, loan officers, and investors navigate the world of real estate.

Sales solutions are constantly evolving, which is why it’s important to evaluate new lead generation ideas for real estate.

You should regularly (at least yearly) assess your lead generation strategies and look for innovative and new ways to bring in leads.

But you know that already, that’s why you’re here 🙂

So here are 25 lead generation ideas for real estate that you can start implementing immediately.

1. Text Messages

More and more potential clients are likely to respond to texts versus other forms of communication, and it doesn’t take as much work as typing out individual messages.

Various text marketing tools exist like DealBloom to help you manage your message and start scheduling those showings!

Real estate Text message marketing

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2. Cold Calling

It’s about as old of a sales tactic as there is, but it’s still around for a reason. It works.

With less folks willing to spend the time on the phones, there’s an opportunity to stand out with the the right targeting and messaging.

real estate lead generation ideas

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3. Cold Email

The newer age, digital version of cold calling that’s much easier and more scalable.

The challenge is, more people are doing it which makes it more difficult to stand-out. But if you combine cold email, with other outreach channels, it can still be very effective.


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4. Direct Mail

Direct mail is making a come back because not as many people do it any more.

Incorporate flyers, handwritten letters, even use a street view image of their property on a post card. Did you know all of that can be automated?

Real estate direct mail marketing

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5. Social Media

Feel like social media is a waste of time?

Well, it certainly can be. BUT, you have to be deliberate about what you’re trying to accomplish and stay consistent. Facebook, Instagram, even LinkedIn and Twitter should be a part of your routine.

real estate social media marketing

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6. Ringless Voicemails

Want to spend less time cold calling and more time receiving call backs?

Record a voicemail message and send it to hundreds of prospects at a time… without their phone even ringing! It will go straight to their voicemail.

Ringless voicemails

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lead generation ideas for real estate

Sales Automation for Real Estate

DealBloom is the first of it’s kind that ties so many sales outreach channels into one easy-to-use system. Simply, import a list of leads and sit back as the system automatically spins up cold emails, cold call queues, leaves ringless voicemails, sends text messages, and connects to tools for direct mail and social media marketing.


Let DealBloom do the heavy lifting for you.

7. Referrals

Referrals are one of the top ways people get in touch with an agent. A referral costs nothing but the excellent service you’re already providing.

A referral can come from friends, family, and neighbors, but start thinking beyond the immediate personal circle. Start thinking about professional circles. Locksmiths. Divorce attorneys. Insurance agencies.

Another way you can expand and get referrals is by making connections with other businesses that target the same audience. For example, if you both target the luxury market.

Make connections with service companies that are associated with real estate purchases, such as home inspectors.

8. Reviews

It is estimated that 95% of customers read online reviews and 85% of customers value online reviews and personal recommendations equally.

What that means is your agency can’t afford to not have positive reviews. The modern buyer makeup is younger and much more likely to review multiple agents online before making a connection.

Today’s consumer is going to compare shop to educate themselves as much as possible before engaging a conversation.

That being said, a positive online review is as good as any word-of-mouth referral. When asked, many customers are willing to leave reviews if you simply ask.

Make a survey or review request easy to fill out, and make it public, and remember to follow up with a thank you message.

9. Open Houses

The old school ways aren’t always the wrong ways. Open houses can truly be worth the investment if you put forth the effort. It’s one of those strategies that many realtors have simply put aside as a waste of time, but studies have shown that it still works.

The National Association of Realtors states that in cities with competitive markets, like San Francisco and Raleigh, open houses can increase leads and increase the final sales price.

10. Adopt a Pet

Real estate is often the business of selling homes, and partnering with a local animal shelter for an adoption fair is a great way to say you’re home-oriented.

Sponsoring an adoption fair will bring out animal lovers and help get your name out there while hopefully making some connections. Not only is it a great opportunity for your business, but you get a chance to do something worthwhile for these animals in need.

11. Be Available Over Holidays

If you’re able to, try to be available during holiday times. Advertise that you’re available and try and keep things seasonal.

12. Creative Marketing

Don’t be afraid to get a little creative with your marketing.

You may do something that’s a play on your name, or anything else you can think of that’s outside the box.

13. Up Your Social Media Game

Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. Even YouTube. You don’t have to do it all, but you have to do something. Social media is a fantastic way to keep your name out there, share listings, post success stories, and share expert advice and tips.

Social Media management tools like HootSuite, Agorapulse, or Buffer can be used to manage multiple social media accounts simultaneously and seamlessly. When potential clients see that you know your stuff, the leads will start coming in.

14. Sales Letters to Absentee Owners

Absentee owners are a great potential source, particularly in areas where selling might be the advantageous move.

Send out a sales letter, or a series of sales letters, to the owner, encouraging them to take action.

15. For Sale By Owner

Don’t snub your nose right away—working with the FSBO crowd can be potentially fruitful.

If you go in expecting conversion at the first conversation, you may want to check other strategies for leads, but if you keep with it, you can get somewhere. Listen to the seller and find out why they want to DIY, Give your input and ask if they want your help.

Be sure to follow up in a couple of weeks if the house is still on the market and gently revisit the offer. They may have warmed up to the idea, or are at least willing to continue the conversation.

16. Start Blogging. Today.

It may feel like a chore, especially if you’ve never done one before, but trust us, it really works. A real estate blog will boost your business in a few different ways.

  1. Lead generation

Maintaining a steady blog long-term will have potential clients reaching out to you. The right blog content can lead to more than 100% more leads. Every blog post should include something called a call-to-action (CTA) that inspires the reader to contact you, fill out a form, etc.

You don’t have to do all of the legwork yourself. Hiring an experienced freelancer to produce content can save you time and energy when it comes to writing and proofreading, leaving you the time to generate ideas for content and work on generating revenue.

  1. Sharing expertise

A blog is an opportunity to share what you’re good at—your expertise. By providing regular content, you can become an authority on real estate content and a known resource for buyers and sellers. It’s a win-win because you’re known for being extremely knowledgeable, and your clients will feel knowledgeable too.

  1. Name recognition

Remember that whole thing about expertise? Well, share enough of it and you start to make a name for yourself as the expert in your field. Name recognition goes a long way, and your name starts to become part of your brand.

  1. Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essentially a way to help your website rank higher in search rankings. There are hundreds of resources dedicated to explaining this in more detail, but having more content (often in the form of a blog) is one very popular way of helping your website rank higher and optimize keywords.

17. Build a Brand

Your name is important, but it’s not everything. What matters most in your real estate business is that you have what the client wants.

Building a brand means maintaining an image of what buyers want. Discover what that is and cater to that.

18. Personalize High-End Properties

Turn high-end, historic, or luxury property listings into an opportunity for a story.

Hit your social media outlets, write up a separate blog post, and if the place is of particular historical interest, see if a local newspaper will do a feature.

19. Enhance Your Website w/ Community Info

As a real estate professional, part of making the sale is selling the area.

When a potential client is searching for a realtor, they may first look for other resources in the community, such as neighborhood amenities, schools, and recreational activities.

Post community events to your social media accounts and make part of your website dedicated to community information, which will also make you a known realtor whose a local expert, thus the one to call.

20. Check the Divorce Market

‍If you’re looking for leads, part of that is looking for motivated movers. And who’s more motivated to move than individuals seeking divorce?

21. Pitch to the Media

It may sound unlikely, but there are just certain listings that have that edge that can become an interest piece in an area newspaper or online publication.

Alternatively, you can pitch your personal expertise and offer to write a column or a guest blog. Be accessible and make sure you can create some good photo ops.

22. Generate Video Content

Video sells. Create your own video content and post it on your website or create a YouTube channel and share it via your social media outlets.

Show house elements, do community features, and share other videos from community members.

23. Check Expired Listings

Expired listings of properties that haven’t sold are a great source for potential leads, even the older expired listings. The owner’s needs may have changed, and you may be able to create a new strategy when the owner is ready.

24. Chamber of Commerce

Becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce will benefit you in a number of ways. For one, you can get discounts on things like payroll services and supplies. But you can also network with other businesses and gain referrals.

25. Automated Contact Service

DealBloom is an innovative automated service designed to help generate sales leads. It allows users to send and receive text messages, make and receive calls, leave ringless voicemails, and send personalized sales emails.

You can set the system up so that the communication method changes each day. For example, you could import a list of homeowners facing bankruptcy. The system would reach out with a text on day one, and ringless voicemail on day two, and a sales email on day 3.

Lead generation doesn’t (necessarily) happen overnight, but having the right strategies in place will always set you on the right path.


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