How Long After Closing Does a Realtor Get Paid?

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As a realtor, you’re always thinking about the next deal. But it’s important to know when you’ll get paid after closing a property. So, how long after closing does a realtor get paid? Here’s what you need to know about getting paid as a realtor.

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How Long After Closing Does a Realtor Get Paid?

How long after closing does a realtor get paid? A realtor typically gets paid after closing, so once the home is officially sold and the papers are signed, the realtor will receive their commission. This can vary depending on the contract but is typically around 2-3 weeks after closing.

How are Realtors Paid?

They get paid a commission from the home sale.

After the home is purchased, the commissions are sent to the seller’s brokerage firm. They will then send a portion to the buyer’s real estate broker. The brokers will then remove expenses and pay the real estate agents their share.

Real estate commissions, or realtor fees, are part of closing costs.

Typically, the seller pays for both real estate agents’ commissions. This amount is subtracted from the sale price of the home.

How Real Estate Commission Works

When a home is sold, the sellers sign a Listing Agreement, a contract with a broker that details the terms of the sale, including how much the brokerage gets paid. It is important to note that the brokers’ commissions are always negotiated. It is illegal for real estate agents to attempt to set a uniform rate.

Sellers often factor in the commissions into the listing price, so buyers pay for at least some of the fee, either indirectly (through a higher price) or directly (through a discounted offer). The commission is usually between 5% and 6% of the sale price, though it can vary by real estate market. Unless the buyers and sellers agree to a different split, the seller usually pays for it.

Both agents have an agreement with their brokerage that specifies their commission percentage. It can be a 50/50 or any other percentage the brokerage and the individual choose.

How commission is split

Real estate commissions are typically split between several parties. 

  • Listing agent: The listing agent is the agent who lists the property for a seller.
  • Listing broker: This is the brokerage that hires the listing agent.
  • Buyer’s agent: This is the agent who represents the interests of the buyer.
  • Buyer’s agent’s broker: A brokerage that hired the buyer’s agent.

Steps to Complete Before Closing

You’ll have to go through a few steps before officially closing on a house. Fortunately, a real estate professional can walk you through the process. Before your closing, you’ll go through an “inspection” or “due-diligence” process, depending on your location.

During this time, the home buyers are doing any investigation on the home that they would like to do so that they can make a final decision on whether or not they are moving forward in purchasing the house.

The steps in this process include:

  • Home inspections
  • Pest inspections
  • Negotiation
  • Title reviewing
  • Review covenants, conditions, and restrictions(CC&Rs) (if the home is in an HOA community).

During this phase of negotiations, the buyer and seller can continue to negotiate any terms, such as fixing the issues found in the home inspection or offering concessions.

When that home inspection is over, most sellers will make the settlement.

So, you finally sold your home. Congratulations! Now, you have one big question: when will you receive the money for your home?

How long it takes to get paid after selling your home depends on a few things. These include where you’re located, whether you’re getting a cash or mortgage loan, and if you’re working with a top-rated agent.

Why Do Some Realtors Wait to Get Paid?

There are a few reasons why some realtors wait to get paid after closing. One reason is that the realtor may have agreed to a reduced commission to help the sellers save money. In this case, the realtor may not receive their full commission until the sale is complete.

Another reason is that the realtor may be waiting on the final loan documents to be signed by the buyers. Once these documents are signed, the realtor will receive their commission.

What Happens if a Realtor Doesn’t Receive Their Payment?

A realtor typically gets paid within 30 days after a home closes. If a realtor does not receive their payment, they may reach out to the homeowners to ask if there was a delay in payment or if there was an error.

Can A Real Estate Agent Negotiate Their Commission?

There is no definitive answer, as it depends on the contract between the agent and the client. Generally speaking, real estate agents are paid after the closing of a deal, but the timing can vary depending on the agreement between the agent and the client.

Do Agents Get Paid Every Month?

Real Estate Agents don’t earn their salary on a monthly basis.

Most agents earn income from the 6% commissions they receive from home sales. This 6% is split between the brokers involved in the sale.

In the real estate industry, few companies pay their agents a salary, but commissions pay the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long after closing until I get my money?

A realtor typically gets paid 2-3 weeks after closing.

How long does it take to get a commission check?

It usually takes around 30 days for a realtor to get paid after closing.

When you sell a house, do you get all the money?

A realtor typically gets paid 2-3 weeks after closing.

How long are most realtor contracts?

Most realtor contracts are for a period of six months to one year. Most realtors get paid 30 to 60 days after closing.


So, how long after closing does a realtor get paid? In most cases, you’ll receive your commission within 2-4 weeks of the closing date. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Ask your broker or attorney for more information if you have any questions about getting paid as a realtor.