8 Top Performing Real Estate Scripts and Why They Work So Well

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Written By Bruno Mircevski

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Let us be completely transparent with each other. There is no perfect Real Estate template. Each real estate agent has its unique version of that ideal real estate template that can make you generate millions of revenue, but there is no exclusive guarantee on that aspect.

Why does this happen? Because the template that you are using might not suit every real estate agent. Therefore, while this is what you tend to believe in Hollywood, not all the real estate agents do the same.

Therefore, these real estate scripts templates are excellent for a few reasons:

These templates let you learn new sales approaches fast.

The scripts boost your self-confidence when you make new leads.

The templates allow you to grow more real estate business (great for increasing team members with you as a team leader).

Real Estate Script Writing

So how do you get the proper benefits of real estate templates without writing fluff on your templates?

The full answer is rather simple: First, you should find some stellar templates and integrate them into your personalized process.

However, there are a lot of different templates out there, and which are the ones that work correctly?

In this guide, we have compiled different scenarios that real estate agents face, and have compiled a long list of high-quality scripts that both you and your team can follow and make sure that each connection to the sales leads brings you faster to make a proper sale.

Table Of Contents

  • The Ultimate List of Real Estate Templates
  • Real Estate Scripts Explained
  • The Best Real Estate Templates For Building A Circle of Prospects

The Ultimate List of Real Estate Templates

  • The Empathy-Driven Real Estate Template Made For FSBOs
  • The Best Real Estate Templates For Building A Circle of Prospects
  • The Heavy Sales Real Estate Template
  • Real Estate Template For Listings That Recently Expired
  • Template for Warming Up Online Sales Leads
  • Real Estate Templates To Score Sales Leads From Open Houses
  • Real Estate Templates To Deal With Voicemail Messages
  • Templates for Obtaining More Reviews for Your Real Estate Agency
  • The Empathy-Driven Real Estate Template Made For FSBOs

Real Estate Scripts Explained

Why does a real estate owner want to sell their real estate? 9/10 times would be, they want to earn money. Some people just won’t want to pay extra for another agent’s commission.

That is terrible news, and we have good news too. The bad news is the owner of the house is firm. For some people, it is not easy to believe that the real estate agent just wants only the money. Sellers that have a mindset like that are steadfast on protecting their “own piece of the pie.”

The excellent news would be that there are many different stances among all separate FSBO listings, so if you can make your approach the best to these objections, each FSBO call will feel like a new sales lead, not a hurdle of problems.

The Real Estate Script Loop

No matter what FSBO template that you are using, your objective is to find out the real reason why the person selling the house does not want a real estate agent and figure it out from there.

Thus, many real estate owners will not ask you right away, “I will not share my revenue with you” or “I feel that all real estate agents are useless.” When you start mentioning money, then the whole thing will just blow away.

Proper FSBO templates will get you out of this shit hole because these templates are based on establishing rapport between you and the FSBO seller. It means there is a list of questionnaires that can reveal the person’s real intention while also managing to convince them that you can help them save costs and make a proper deal that works out for them.

Here is a great killer real estate script for FSBOs:

Q: Hi, I have found a home for sale, and I have a few questions about it. Are you the person owning the house?

A: Yes

Q: Awesome! My name is___and I am from ____. The main reason I am calling is that I have a few people that are very interested in this area and might want to buy your home. Can you tell me the price that you are offering for your home?

A: $313,000

Q: Great! Are you using any real estate agents?

A: No, I’m not

Q: Oh. May I ask you why you are not interested in real estate agents?

A: They do not offer me any help.

Q: Oh, I get it. Do you have a bad experience with real estate agents when selling your house?.

A: Yes, that’s why

Q: Trust me, and I do not want you to feel that way again. So now you want to do the whole thing yourself. I got it. You don’t have to hire me right away, or anything else. All I am going to do is provide proper data to help you obtain more revenue from the house. You want as much money you get from selling a home. Right?

A: Sure

Q: Alright! So when is the best time you can get to meet me, and then I can share my ideas with you? [Set up a date to meet]

It is essential to know that you know that they were severely affected by an agent back in the past. You have to tell them that you understand they go through, and you want to rebuild trust with agents again.

As soon as you make them that they will not lose any money when working with you, tackle a few issues for small rejections and give them space for another meeting to follow-up on the case.

The Best Real Estate Templates For Building A Circle of Prospects

The biggest thing about prospects in a circle is creating your influence within a particular area. You then use the phone to start giving everyone that you know of your last deal. The whole idea is that you need to target prospects of a similar location that you want to share the information on and use a formal excuse that you need to call different people suddenly.

Using circle prospects bears a lot of different referrals, and lead gens, along with relevant information that aids you in closing sales leads in the neighborhood.Real Estate Scripts Smartphone Found

Therefore, the biggest challenge is that you might not know what the person that you are calling is trying to do: he might be buying, selling, or attempting to move out, or none of the options listed above.

That is why proper real estate templates are so useful. There is a lot of individual improvisation that is happening, and only different grey areas of the real estate template you can perfect make the opening and closing of the deal.

Like Stott, coach at Your Coaching Matters with over 35 years of real estate sales experience, put it in this way.

“Scripts are nothing else but how to start a conversation and end the conversation. The whole juice is the thing in the middle, which cannot be listed in a script. The middle part is where you build rapport and connect to the other person.

The first part of the script should ignite the person’s curiosity, as well as create a bit of doubt, which you might think that it is a bit off or strange(sound weird) and that YOU are capable of giving the person another something that they would like to know about.”

There are only 2% of the sales leads that are created on the 1st contact. However, different agents feel that they failed if they do not generate sales leads on the 1st contact that they wish to connect to. The whole thing works if it is your mindset. Make sure to keep the greeting card that Pagonis had sent to me that sits on my desk all the time as a reminder.

Instead of searching for a SALE in a script, you need to look for an opening to talk to your prospects again. Finish up the texts with an exceptional promise for you to do other things for them.”

The whole pretty part of circle prospecting script can be used on anything: Real estate that has been sold recently, or an open house, or a real estate listing that has expired.

Here we have a particular cold-calling script after another sale was created as a show of interest.

Q: Hi, I am ____, I’m with _________. I am giving you a call today as “I have managed to sell a piece of real estate in the area.”

Q: “The thing is, we have a few interested buyers that want to look at your real estate, and we need a few new listings to sell these new homes, do you have any neighbors that want to sell their homes?”

Q: “Are you interested in selling the real estate if you can obtain the best price for the real estate?”

It is the image Donna bears in mind for her to stay on a follow-up mindset.

If you want to have a follow-up meeting with a sales lead in the neighborhood, you might want to use this Choc Chip Cookie Template that aided Stott, the CEO of YCM.

The script bears the answers of a few problematic rejections:

  • Why should I put you on a list against another great listing?
  • What makes you different or better than others?
  • Why do I need to list your firm versus a different firm?

You can bite right into the Choc Chip Cookie Template when you have managed to get down your answers on these questions.

1. Choc Chip Cooking Template

Thanks for meeting up with me today! Thank you for giving me a showcase of your home!

I do not know what has happened until you had to sell your home, but I am combining everything to make the house sell properly. For the best bucks, on the right timing and with as little stress as possible (Use a Marketing Strategy or your strategy – but something in writing is somewhat helpful) and make sure it sells on one point:

I then further explain each further point and why it does so well. It is my hobby.

Let us pretend that I am excellent in the kitchen. I get into details about how my flour is unique, why the butter tastes so good, why the sugar is so sweet.

Next, why the vanilla tastes like icing, how the chocolate melts in my mouth, how the oven is marvelous and how the baking stone is the best tool to make the best cookies the right way.

However, the thing that you want is a crunch chip cookie, not something that you learn and integrate the whole recipe of cooking.

That is exactly what I create. I make tasty real estate transactions. I have sold over XXX homes, and yours will be done as well!

I also offer 24 hours of deal cancellation.

Doesn’t that sound like raw confidence in selling real estate?

Still no signed papers?

I will show you that I can do it.

To get to your real estate sold with proper timing, for an appropriate price with no stress taken, I shall:

[List down a few steps that you will take to sell off the real estate]

With this template, Stotter could sell about 3000 real estates with 35 years of working experience in the real estate industry. Who wants to ask for anything more?

2. The Heavy Sales Real Estate Template

The real estate industry is not easy to deal with. That is why many real estate agents leave the whole enterprise after being in the real estate industry for five years.

You can have great techniques and individual scripts, but only real estate agents know that success only comes in when you do something more and different from other agents and create new opportunities to cut yourself.

Sometimes, you need to be a little bit more aggressive in your tactic. However, if you are too aggressive, customers will respond to you by pushing back two times harder than you, and that’s the end of the deal.

Real Estate Scripts Writing Laptop Coffeee

Some practices can cost you to lose a customer which include:

  • Manipulating the client
  • Giving the prospect insults
  • Real estate that is deemed available at hand but not.
  • Empty promises.
  • Pushing the sales forward before the lead is mature.

Our sound advice? Do not even do that.

Instead, you can concentrate on making things urgent or unique quality, or an opportunity that lets your customers use for their benefit.

You need to bear in mind that if you are opting for sales leads that are aggressive, don’t lose your confidence.

The last thing you want to opt for is making the client unsure about your actions or intention.

Below, we have the script based on creating more urgency and different opportunities that strong prospects should have a glance with:

Q: Hi, I am called _____________ with ______________. I wanted to call you today to update you on the real estate market in _________________. I also want you to know that there has been a lot of real estate that has been sold in the past _______________ days. I have sold a piece of real estate for your neighbours_______________for _______________! Do you know your neighbours? ( )

A: Yep

Q: Cool! You need to know that the price of that home is higher than the house market price, but it seems that the whole market is rather hot recently. Do you have a feeling that you should move out?

A: No, I don’t

Q: Oh, alright. How long have you been staying here?

A: Four years

Q: Where did you relocate from


Q: If you were given an option to relocate, where do you want to head next?


Q: Awesome. How fast would you want to do that?

If the timeframe is less than a month, schedule a follow-up meeting, and propose an appointment with the client.

The script above was written by Kendall, the author of a bestseller, Axiom business book, called the Ninja Selling and has been a successful real estate agent with over 40 years of experience in the real estate industry, wants to say about it.

“The best templates are the questionnaires that determine the customer’s pain or happy feelings. After that, a solution is proposed. The whole job is to solve their problem, not sell real estate. If you want to make a proper statement, the thing that you should quote to the client is ‘Tell me more about it.’

For new customers, the whole objective is to solve the problem, not to sell the real estate for them and make them feel stressed when they meet you.

For the sales agents that are under our training, our objective is to aid them in increasing their revenue each hour so that they can have a personal life of their own. Our inspiration comes from changing people’s lives.’

Kendall’s book is a must-read if you want to read the whole book on how to beat your competition.

3. Real Estate Template For Listings That Recently Expired

Real estate listings that have been expired indicate there might have been issues during the selling transaction. However, don’t rush to quickly blame another party and don’t criticize another agent’s approach or owner. Customers also become emotional at this part for two reasons:

The sale didn’t take place.

A lot of agents begin to call the homeowner after the real estate listing has already expired.

The whole objective is to know what has happened with the listing, and what the client intended to do with it. When you have gotten down to that, you can move from emotions to business.

Use different questions like “What are the qualities that you want should the proper agent represent you the right way?” and “What did the previous agent do that you liked?” to get information.

To build proper trust from your clients, give them adequate information like giving out marketing advice.

Below we have a template made by Ferry, the best founder of real estate firms in the USA and Europe recommends for calling expired real estate listings :

Q: Hi, I am searching for ________ … Hello ___________… you can call me Mr/Mrs/Miss __________with __________

I am sure that you have managed to view your real estate on the site and found out that the listing is expired ____ and I decided to give you a call to _____

Q: When do you want to interview a proper home agent for the prospect of selling your real estate? (Never) Great! / Yes?

Q: So if you sell the real estate… where would you plan to stay next? (San Francisco)Wow!

Q: How soon will you be there (Already) Oh ow!

 _____ … what happened when you did not want to sell your real estate? (The real estate agent?) Really

Q: How did you choose the last agent that you were listed with (Referral) Excellent!

Q: What did the real estate agent do that you liked best? (Nothing) Ow!

Q: What do you think the agent should have done? (Sold my real estate) Really!

Q: What do you hope the next agent should do? (Sell the real estate) Awesome!

Q: Have you picked the right agent to work with? (No) Great!

Q: I want to apply for a job in selling your real estate … are you familiar with the tactics I use to sell the real estate (No) You must be joking!

Q: So when is the best time to show you around the house …Monday, Tuesday, or __ at__?

Here is what Archedkin, the CEO of Smart Inside Sales, a former CEO of the Lead Gen for Keller Williams Realty, wants to state in the script:

“The best templates are produced from questions, with not much information from the agency part. Agents should know WHY they are popping the questions and which questions that you should and should not ask.”

“The best tactic that you should have is to ask SUPERB questions and keep the prospect keep talking. The more the prospect converse with you, the more the prospect LIKES YOU, and there is more likely that the prospect will DO BUSINESS WITH YOU. The more the agent talks, the LESS the prospect likes you, and it will be LESS likely that the prospect will want to do business with you,” Archedkin explains.

The source is from Real Estate Trainer.

4. Template for Warming Up Online Sales Leads

Following up on sales leads online is not the same from cold calling techniques, as there is more data about the person that you are reaching out to.

For example, you might know the real estate listings that have attained their attention or the time they spend on the site.

You need to find different ways to obtain the data.

However, you need to bear in mind that it isn’t the data that you have collected, but the right time to use the information when required.

Therefore, Barry Jenkins, a well-known Realtor, and CMO at Better Homes and Gardens.

“We get 30-40 alerts every day that state the person has done something big on the site. We treat alerts like new leads because we rely on the fact that we are talking to the right individual based on the right timing.”

Finding The Perfect Home Image Real Estate Scripts

Using the template above, Barry and his team found that there was an increase of 15% conversation in the appointment ratio:

In the best non-sales person voice, you should tell the customer:

“I went through my files, and I realized that you never bought the house that you were searching for? I just wanted an update on my files..”

Then trail off immediately and stay quiet.

If all the tables are turned, and a proper buyer calls in asking about the piece of real estate that they have seen online, the objective is to regain more control over the whole situation as fast as you can.

Potential customers ask you different types of questions about real estate, so there are high chances that you do not know everything about the real estate. As soon as you state, “Uhm, I’m not sure,” that would mark the end of the conversation.

After working at Zillow for years and one of the top internet marketers in the real estate business, the team manager Lyndon states that:

“This is one of the toughest teams I have ever worked together with, and why I state that they are the strongest. It is because they can close online leads so fast it is amazing, and they also stated they never once closed another lead on the listing that the buyer had inquired about.”

Therefore, there is a webinar that has been conducted by Lyndon. In the webinar, he shares a template that lets realtors regain control over the conversation. After that, they turn the prospect into a client:

Use these three questions today:

  • When do you want to see it?
  • What else do you want to see in the house?
  • What leads you to be interested in the house?

This way, you can control the whole conversation and change focus on the real estate to a client and meet their needs.

5. Real Estate Templates To Score Sales Leads From Open Houses

Highly-experienced real estate professionals know that using an open house does not mean that you can convert sales leads to revenue immediately. If you use open houses just for that, you might miss out on a lot of chances.

Therefore, there are a few actions that produce high-productive agents that perform well when there are open house hosted:

  • They discover a potential listing in the area.
  • Discover potential buyers for different real estate.
  • Obtain new referrals.
  • It is speeding up the whole closure procedure by hosting an open house that has bids before.
  • Cold-knocking

The whole list goes on and on. As for your campaign for cold calling, an invitation for an open house is an excellent opening for new prospects, while we will then state below in the following script that has been taken by Ward’s bestseller book of The Book of YES:

Q: Hi, I am called _____ with ______.

Q: I just dropped by, and I wanted to tell you that an Open House Event that we are going to hold for the ____ (Smiths) on ___________ (home address) _____ this ____ from ____ to_____ ( Eg. From Saturday from 2 pm to 5 pm) … Do you know the place it is held? I want to invite you to …. Drop by…. And … to have a look… (mention different treats or refreshments, etc.) ….. And I also want to know if…….

Q: Do you know anyone that might move into our neighborhood? ( ) Great! I hope that I can meet you there!

Q: Just being curious… when would you be likely to …. To move in…. ? ( ) Wow!

Q: How long have you stayed around here? (8 yrs) Excellent!

Q: So, where did you stay? ( ) Great!

Q: What drew you to this area? ( ) Awesome?

Q: If you want to … move to another place …where will you go next? ( ) That’s so exciting!

Q: How soon would that be? ( ) Awesome! If the timeframe is less than two months.

Q: It sounds like the next step is to … schedule a proper time … get together… Take a proper look at the best ways to make the dream happen for you ….so you can get to ____ by ____. Won’t that sound like a big new adventure? ( )

Q: What would be the best time for us to meet …. Tuesday at 4.00 pm…? Or Friday at 6.00 pm?

Kevin Ward has a great Book of Yes for real estate scripts in each situation.

Bonus: How To Convert Leads At Open Houses

After you organize an open house, your main objective is to catch as many leads as possible during the whole procedure.

To step out of your comfort zone, you should use these three templates below that we have stated in detail on the blog.

Script 1:

“I would love to keep you updated on the house and let you know when similar real estate is coming on the market. It is difficult to stay put in one place in such a hot industry.”

Objective: Give the prospects a reason to sign in so that there will be an exchange of real estate information that they will receive from you in exchange for their data.

Script 2:

“I will select one winner from every person that attended today to receive a [special prize that we are giving out] and will send the lucky person an email, so make sure that you sign in to see if you will win a prize!”

Objective: Create a contest so that people will leave behind their contact information so that they can have fun while registering, and turn the whole event into an ice breaker.

Script 3:

“Thanks for attending, and I hope that you enjoyed the virtual tour! I am happy to let you know that there are further updates on the real estate. Moreover, I met a few real estate owners in the local area that want to list their home on the market soon. I want to stay in touch and know that you are the first person on the list to know about any new real estate before they enter the market.”

Objective: Build support with the customers before asking them to give their contact information before they attempt to leave.

6. Real Estate Templates To Deal With Voicemail Messages

There is a likelihood that a lot of your calls will go right into your voicemail and turn into a missed chance, leading to unsold real estate.

However, things can become the entire opposite. Voicemails are a proper warm-up that is somewhat effective when you first keep in touch with the real estate owner.

If there is an engaging voice message, the next call that pops up is someone that is not a new prospect, or an entire stranger.

Do not give out much data in your message. The objective is to make the prospect feel curious about another candidate of the same neighborhood.

That way, you can make a message the right way, which is Griffin, USA agent in Wall Street Journal from 2009 to 2015, can create 200 return calls from one word into 1200 prospects that stay in the 2-mile circle in the listing.

“ Thank you for giving us a call at ______ with the realtor group of _____. We have listed real estate in the community ______ if you know any people around your area that want to move, give us a call.”

Ribak, CEO of the Inside Sales Agents and lead conversion expert, states that there should be script built around the way a person would talk about.

“Many decades ago, in the past, I opened call centers of firms. The first thing that I would attempt to do is to tear up different scripts used by the companies completely. Then, I would create personalized scripts around the client’s personality and strengths while making sure to hit a lot of different major points to hit on during a phone call.”

Here is Griffin on how this change of approach saved her life and brought in different ball games.

7. Templates for Obtaining More Reviews for Your Real Estate Agency

Have you ever seen labels that produce mixed reviews? Now try to remember where that happened. The likelihood is, you won’t be able to remember where. That is what happens to big realtor groups that don’t focus on their reviews – nobody remembers them.

There are more and more real estate real estate agencies that create proper leads, especially on the Internet. Plus, doing it online has its own rules as well.

Thank god, we are not a lost cause, Landis and his Atlanta realtor group have been sharing special valuable tips on obtaining as many reviews as possible on the whole buying process.

Next, you can then go through the guide that you would want to learn about the entire process in full detail. However, there are a few exceptions on it:

Your objective is to give the best service possible to the buyer:

We want your experience with us to be five stars so that you can share it as an online review. Although most of the business is from different referrals, many different people can go online and search for reviews before these referrals can reach us. We just want them to know how much we care!

How to end the closure properly:

It has been a great experience working with you! I was happy things worked out so well, and we hope that things are great with you too! If you remember, before we agreed, I wanted to get some future referrals as well.

Have we started on it?

You do not have to memorize the script that has been written in the article and use them forever, and no text is forever.

However, you need to understand the proper principles and how these work as it is rather crucial to know how real estate businesses work.

After that, you need to initiate the first call, convert your sales lead, and the work just started.

If you want to make your revenue double, use proper CRM software. Use our site on Follow Boss today, and we have the best scripts you can use for your business.