Best Gifts for Real Estate Agents After Closing a Deal

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As a buyer, one way to show your agent that you appreciate their service is by giving them a closing gift. But what are the best gifts for real estate agents? Here are some ideas!

Best Gifts for Real Estate Agents

Most home buyers and sellers are so busy after selling or buying their homes that they don’t have time to think about a thank you gift. Some clients will surprise you by sending you gifts after you’ve closed a deal. It’s not something you’d expect, but it’s always appreciated.

If you’re stumped on what to get them as a thank you, here are some of the best gifts for real estate agents.

Gourmet Gift Baskets

When agents are busy, they may not have time for regular, healthy meals. Instead, they may eat whatever they can grab on the go.

A gourmet gift basket is an assortment of tasty treats such as chocolates, cheeses, fruits, and candies.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates make the perfect present for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a last-minute gift or want to give someone the freedom to choose their own present, a gift certificate is always a great option. With so many different types of gift certificates available, you can find one to suit any budget and taste.

Restaurants are a good choice because not everyone has the luxury of having someone else prepare their meals for them.


Flowers are a great way to show someone you care, and there are so many options to choose from! You can go with a classic bouquet or get something more unique like a miniature palm tree or bonsai.

Spice Sets and Condiments

Spices, herbs, and specialty condiments are great gifts for real estate agents because they are both unique and useful. Your real estate agent will be able to enjoy sampling different, exotic flavors from around the world – a far cry from the usual supermarket brand!

After sampling your delicious, high-quality, and freshly ground spice blends, your recipients will never be able to go back to buying their grocery store brand.

Wines or Tea

If your real estate agent enjoys wine tasting and fine vintage wines, consider gifting them a fine bottle from the southern region of France.

If they don’t drink alcohol, give them a set of coffee or tea.

Jewelry and Trinkets

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a gift, but something like a small piece of jewelry, like a necklace, bracelet, or ring, would work well. You can also go with cuff links, keychains, or wallets.

Jewelry boxes and valets also make for good gifts for men.

Digital Picture Frames

A digital picture frame is a device that allows you to store and display digital images.

These can be powered by batteries or plugged into the wall, and are great for placing on desks or side tables.

Custom Engraved Gifts

Personalize everything from pens to coffee mugs, to scented candle sets, and include a personalized thank you note.


Gift your realtor with a gift that relates to their hobbies or interests. For example, if they love fishing, give them a decorative fish. It’s a thoughtful way to show you care about their interests outside of their career.

This shows you paid attention beyond their resume and were interested in their interests.

Work Gifts for Real Estate Agents

There are things all realtors need, but sometimes it is just not in the budget for everything. Here are a few ideas of what you could contribute.

  • Visa gift card to buy new yard signs
  • Gift certificate to the local real estate board so they could get lock boxes
  • Postage gift certificate for the USPS
  • New business cards
  • Real estate training course
  • Convention tickets
  • Car magnets
  • Business card holder
  • Open house doormat

Car Gifts for Real Estate Agents

  • Trunk organizer
  • Phone holder
  • Seat caddy
  • Car garbage bag
  • Seat cooler or heater

Mail Gifts for Real Estate Agents

  • Personalized address stamp
  • Fun stamps
  • Fancy stationery

Thoughtful Gifts for Real Estate Agents

  • Real estate coffee cup
  • Personalized candle
  • Baseball cap

Gifts Under $25

  • Starbucks card
  • Car decal
  • Drinking gift

Why Give Your Client a Closing Gift?

A thoughtful, personal, and impactful gift for your client is a great way to form a lasting relationship with them, as well as make yourself memorable.

The closing gift for your clients is the first present they’ll receive at their new home, so make it count!

A great way to leave a good impression on clients is by giving them a personalized, useful, and long-lasting present. By giving them something they’ll use and appreciate, you’ll ensure that they think of you when they’re ready to buy or sell a home.

If they use the item you gave them or see the item you sent them, then they’ll remember you. That will remind them of the services you offered, and keep you in their thoughts next time they need a realtor.

If you know how to give gifts, you’ll likely get more referrals.

Giving your clients a closing gift for their business will not only make them remember you but will also encourage positive online reviews and generate more phone calls from potential new clients.

A great way to close a deal is by leaving your client with a personalized, thoughtful, and heartfelt parting gift. This will show that you were listening throughout the sales process and that you genuinely care. This will leave a lasting impression and will make the client feel valued and connected to you.

This gift should send the message that you are rooting for them in this next chapter of their lives, but it also reminds them that you were able to complete the job and bring them to a successful closing day.

When you make this connection with your client, the real estate referrals and reviews will flow naturally. No need to push for it, if your main focus is your client’s happiness.

If you’ve been working with your client for a while, you’ve probably learned quite a bit about them. You’ve probably already found out what their living situation is like, and what they’re looking for in a new home.

Maybe they’ve even hinted to you that they enjoy certain things. For instance, perhaps they always have a cup of herbal tea or fresh green juice with them at open houses.

These are things that good real estate agents will notice, and these small cues can be turned into fantastic gifts.

When closing a deal, you should always leave a good impression. A thoughtful gift can go a long way.

It can even get you more referrals from those you’ve already worked with, which will only strengthen your network. It’s a wonderful way to cap off a chapter in a client’s life while ushering in a new phase.


If you’re looking for the best gifts for real estate agents, look no further! These unique and memorable gifts will make an impression on your clients. So don’t hesitate to give one of these closing gifts the next time you have a deal.

Justin McGill